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ORA TAC In-Ear Communications Headset MT Series Intrinsically Safe Headsets
Intelligent Hearing Protection for Improved Situational Awareness
3M PELTOR ORA TAC Headset is an excellent solution for users that need to maintain their ability to hear while wearing an in-ear hearing protection headset. Environmental microphones are powered by level-dependent technology that electronically reproduces sounds and conversations so users donít need to remove the earbuds to communicate. An in-ear microphone transmits voice commands back over the radio when the Push-to-Talk (PTT) button on the ORA BASE is activated.
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MT Series 2-Way Communications Headsets MT Series - Throat Microphone Earpiece/Earplug Combo
An Excellent Choice for Two-Way Communication in Noisy Areas Designed for industrial users working in noisy environments, 3M PELTOR MT Series Two-Way Headsets offer versatility along with hearing protection, durability and comfort.
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MT Series Accessories TacticalPro 2-Way Electronic Headsets
Headsets with Environmental Microphones Built Into Earcups for Situational Awareness
When environmental awareness and face-to-face communications are required in your noisy environment, rely on the 3M PELTOR TacticalPRO Headset. Designed with environmental microphones to amplify environ-mental sounds, voices and warning sirens while at the same time elec-tronically suppressing environmental microphone input to max 82 dBA.
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TacticalPro 2-Way Accessories MT Series and TacticalPro 2-Way In-Line PPT Adaptors
Radio Specific PTT Radio Adaptors
Designed for use with 3M PELTOR MT Series Headsets, these adaptors allow the headsets to be used in combination with a variety of industrial two-way portable radios.
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