Spare Parts

GX-2012 Spare Parts

Part NumberDescription
117-1001RKTapered rubber inlet nozzle, 4”, RP-6 / GX-2003 / GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
221-1833RKFilter holder, clear plastic
333-1031RKCotton balls, filters for probe, bag of 25
433-0159RKTeflon filter disc, 10 pieces, RP-2009/RP-6/GX-2003/GX-2012/Gas Tracer/GX-6000
533-1112RKWire mesh disk filter, RP-6 / GX-2003 / GX-2012, 10 pack
621-1890RKTop cover assembly, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
730-0022RKPump replacement for GX-2012 and RP-2009, with cable and connector
821-1889RKMain case assembly, GX-2012
907-6024RKBattery pack gasket, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
1007-6025RKMain case gasket, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
1151-1125RKLCD display, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
1257-2043RKCPU PC board assembly, GX-2012
1349-1406RKBattery, lithium, CR 1220, for main PCB, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
1430-1053RKVibration motor, GX-2003 / GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
1510-1090RKTap tight screw M2x4.5 mm, phillips self-tapping
1657-2041RKSensor PC board assembly, GX-2012
1707-6026RKSensor gasket, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
1833-7114RKFilter disk, H2S scrubber, strip of 5, for LEL sensor port, GP-01/GX-2001/GX-2009/GX-2012/Gas Tracer/GX-6000
1933-7102RKFilter, charcoal, for CO sensor, pack of 5, GX-2009/GX-2012/Gas Tracer/GX-6000
2021-1892RKSensor cap assembly, GX-2012
2113-0118RKBelt clip, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
2249-1615RKBattery pack, lithium ion, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
2349-1616RK-01Alkaline Battery pack cover with gasket, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
2449-1616RK-02Alkaline Battery pack without cover with gasket, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
2513-0112RKWrist strap
2610-1108RKScrew M2 x 16
2710-1093RKScrew M2 x 6 SUS304
2810-1091RKScrew M2 x 5 SUS
2910-1092RKTruss screw M2 x 5
30OS-BM2Sensor, Oxygen (O2) for GX-2009/GX-2012/GX-6000/GasWatch 2/OX-03/Gas Tracer
30OS-BM2Sensor, Oxygen (O2) for GX-2009/GX-2012/GX-6000/GasWatch 2/OX-03/Gas Tracer (pack of 5)
31NC-6264ASensor, LEL, for GX-2009/GX-2012/GX-6000/GP-03/Gas Tracer
31NC-6264B (CSA version)LEL sensor for GX-2012 CSA
32ES-1821Sensor, Carbon Monoxide (CO) for GX-2009/GX-2012/GX-6000/CO-03/GasWatch 2/Gas Tracer
33ES-1827ISensor, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) for GX-2009/GX-2012/GX-6000/HS-03/GasWatch 2
34TE-7561Sensor, TC, % volume, GX-2003/GX-2012/Gas Tracer
35SH-8641PPM sensor SH-8641, Gas Tracer
3649-1616RKAlkaline Battery pack without batteries with gasket, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer

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