EVM-3 Real-Time Direct Reading Particulate Monitor


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The EVM-3 monitor is specially designed for direct readings of particle mass concentrations. The monitor also measures temperature, relative humidity, air velocity, toxic gas, and carbon dioxide. Does not measure toxic gas, carbon dioxide, or select volatile organic compounds. *Includes base model with two 37mm Gravimetric Filter Cassettes (for pump protection; one in unit and one spare), three Dummy Sensors (used to seal socket when no sensor is present), 053-263 12V DC Universal Input Power Supply, 053-575 USB Cable, 100-456 Silicone Dielectric Grease for Impactors, 074-090 10 pack Pump Protection Filters, 074-720 Dust Zero Calibration Filter Assembly, and 074-718 Storage Case*
  • Particulate, gas and photoionization detector (PID) measurement from a single device
  • Less equipment to carry to job site; compact, user-friendly design
  • 90-degree light scattering laser photometer measures particulates in real-time
  • Proprietary technology for selecting particulate settings; no need for external cyclones
  • Built in sampling pump allows for gravimetric analysis
  • Large, easy-to-read display with trend graphing for measurements
  • Time history data logging and compatibility with Detection Management Software makes analysis efficient
EVM Monitor Types Indoor Air Quality/Particulate Monitor (eliminates the need for separate meters) Indoor Air Quality Monitor (no particulates) Particulate Monitor (no indoor air quality monitor)
Temperature + + +
Relative Humidity + + +
Air Velocity (With Purchase of Optional Accessory) + + +
Particulates (Mass Concentration) + +
Toxic Gas (Choose from 9 Sensors) + +
Carbon Dioxide + +
Select Volatile Organic Compounds +