Floor Standing Cabinet w/ Front Access, Redundant Cntrl Ctr Brd, Modbus Interface Brd, plinth, no logo, natural ventilation, no pwr distribution



2000Hx800Wx600D, also includes Controller with HMI, PCBs, SD Card. Plinth 100mm in height.

Touchpoint Pro Floor Standing Cabinet Front Access

Touchpoint Pro offers flexibility in how the system can be housed. The Touchpoint Pro system is comprised of four basic components – plug-in Input/Output modules, plug-in power supplies, a backplane power and communications highway and central controller/user interface with an LCD color touch screen.

The system’s modular design allows these elements to be freely mounted in a variety of configurations including cabinets and racks, delivering the freedom to create a system topology that meets specific needs.
Flexible architecture

Touchpoint Pro has been designed to deliver flexibility, allowing the system to be freely configured to meet customers’ varying needs. Touchpoint Pro’s modularity means that any system topology can be built, including centralized, distributed I/Os, or a mix of both.

24/7 visibility of system status

Touchpoint Pro’s central controller has a Webserver interface, which can be accessed when it is connected to a network, allowing users to remotely view status and event history, and acknowledge, reset or inhibit channels. This feature offers the possibility of system monitoring and data analysis from a remote location using multiple devices including tablets, smart phones and remote computers.

Simple installation and maintenance

Using a simple building block technique to create your system, Touchpoint Pro offers multiple features that simplifies installation, setup and ongoing maintenance. A key feature to this is the preloaded sensor catalogue, which contains a complete listing of all Honeywell Analytics’ gas sensors, each with a full default configuration setting. A user can choose to configure input channel settings from the sensor catalogue, resulting in a quick and simple three step configuration process. The rest of the configuration will be loaded automatically.

Wide selection of inputs/outputs accepted

The Touchpoint Pro Input/Output plug-in modules can be combined up to a maximum of 16 input modules (64 channels) and 32 output modules (128 channels). Modules can be located in any Touchpoint Pro enclosure and power distribution is via the communication/power Rail. Touchpoint Pro accepts analogue, digital and relay modules making it one of the most flexible controllers available.

Intuitive user interface

The heart of the Touchpoint Pro is the central controller, which includes the user interface. The user interface features a full colour LCD touch screen, and provides engineers with an intuitive solution to system set-up and deployment. Easily accessible icons, supported by drop-down menus ensure that even the most complex of system configurations can be commissioned with efficiency.

Aside from ease of use, Touchpoint Pro’s user interface also includes some valuable aspects that help engineers save time, whilst setting up and commissioning a system.
Small/medium areas of gas detection looking to optimize uptime and reduce risk.
Floor Standing Cabinets Front Access
Part NumberTPPR-V-1250TPPR-V-1252TPPR-V-1254
Ventilation TypeNo VentilationNatural VentilationForced Ventilation
Dimensions (H x W x D)78.75 in. x 31.5 in. x 23.62 in. (2000 mm x 800 mm x 600 mm)78.75 in. x 31.5 in. x 23.62 in. (2000 mm x 800 mm x 600 mm)78.75 in. x 31.5 in. x 23.62 in. (2000 mm x 800 mm x 600 mm)
Approximate Weight443 lbs (201 kg)443 lbs (201 kg)443 lbs (201 kg)