GP-1000 sample draw combustible detector for methane, 0 – 10% LEL / 100% LEL




The Combustible Gas Monitor Model GP-1000 is a gas monitor designed to provide continuous monitoring of exposure to combustible gas in hazardous areas. The measuring range of GP-1000 is 0-100%LEL.The gas sample is sucked in by built-in micro pump. Power supply is only with four series connected Alkaline AA batteries. Battery exchange in a hazardous area is not performed.
  • Model: GP-1000
  • Gas to be detected: Combustible gas (CH4, HC, etc. See the separate list for target gases)
  • Detection principle: Catalytic combustion type
  • Measurement range: 0-100%LEL
  • Alarm type:
    • Gas Alarm: Self-latching, two-step alarm
    • Fault alarm: Low flow rate, poor sensor connection, low battery voltage, circuit abnormality and calibration range abnormality
  • Alarm operation:
    • Gas Alarm: Intermittent buzzer sound, blinking alarm lamp (red) and blinking gas concentration display
    • Fault alarm: Intermittent buzzer sound, blinking alarm lamp (red) and fault detail display
  • Alarm setpoint: 1st: 10% LEL, 2nd: 50% LEL
  • Accuracy of the reading: ±5% of full scale (under the same conditions)
  • Response time: 90% response: Within 30 seconds
  • Alarm delay time: 30 seconds or less
  • Detection method: Pump suction type with a flow rate of 0.3 L/min or more (pump L mode)
  • Display
    • LCD seven-segment numeric display, bar meter display (50 divisions) and status information display
    • Seven-segment digital display
      • 0-100% LEL
    • Digital bar meter display
      • Auto range switching
      • 0-10% LEL (L range)
      • 0-100% LEL (H range)
  • Power supply: 4 AA alkaline dry batteries
  • Continuous operating time: 20 hours or more (new dry batteries, without alarms or lighting, at 25℃)
  • Operating environment: Operating temperature range: -20 - 50℃, operating humidity range: Below 95% RH (Non-condensing)
  • External dimensions: Approx. 80.1 (W) x 124 (H) x 36 (D) mm (projection portions excluded)
  • Weight: Approx. 260 g (without batteries)
  • Drip-proof and dust-proof performances: Compliant to IP67
  • Explosion-proof performance: Intrinsically safe explosion-proof structure ExiaIICT4
  • Certification, etc. : Explosion-proof certification: IECEx, ATEX
  • Functions: LCD backlight, data logger, log data display, peak display, switching pump performance between strong and weak, changing a reading target gas
  • Standard accessories:
    • Power supply: 4 AA alkaline dry batteries
    • Storage: Hand strap
    • Sampling: Gas sampling hose (1 m) and sampling probe
  • Optional accessories:
    • 30 m hose, dedicated leather case, diluter, spiral hose
    • Data logger management program

Additional information

Weight 0.57 lbs
Dimensions 1.42 × 3.15 × 4.88 in