Honeywell MIDAS Sensor Cartridge for CH2F2 0-40 ppm, C4F6 0-240 ppm, C5F8 0-40 ppm (all require Pyrolyzer)



Honeywell MIDAS Sensor Cartridge for Difluoromethane (CH2F2) 0-40 ppm, Hexafluorobutadiene (C4F6) 0-240 ppm, Octofluorocyclopentene (C5F8) 0-40 ppm (all require Pyrolyzer)

Several Honeywell MIDAS® cartridges can be configured to read a number of different gases based on a common chemical family. Actual details for the sensor detection range are included in the sensor cartridge specification sheet and the MIDAS® technical manual. MIDAS® sensor cartridges can be ordered as part of a Kit with the universal MIDAS® transmitter, or as a replacement part. The detectable range is listed. With the exception of O2 (where ambient concentration is typically 20.9%), the sensors will display zero when no gas is present. All Cartridges with the format MIDAS-E-XXX are supplied with a 2 year (24 month) warranty.
Gas MeasuredHexafluorobutadiene (C4F6)
Cartridge Part NumberMIDAS-E-XCF2 year standard warranty
Sensor Technology3 electrode electrochemical cell
Measuring Range (ppm)C4F60 – 40 ppm
Minimum Alarm 1 Set Point4 ppm
Repeatability< ± 10% of measured value
Linearity< ± 20% of measured value
Response Time t62.5≤ 45 seconds
Sensor Cartridge Life Expectancy≥ 12 months under typical application conditions
Operating Temperature0°C to +40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Effect of Temperature< ± 0.009 ppm / °C (at 0°C to 20°C)
Zero< ± 0.03 ppm / °C (at 20°C to 40°C)
Sensitivity< ± 0.4% of measured value / °C
Operating Humidity (continuous)20 – 75% RH
Effect of HumidityZero< ± 0.01 ppm / % RH
Sensitivity< ± 1% of measured value / % RH
Operating Pressure90 – 110kPa
Effect of PositionNo effect in typical application
Long Term DriftZeroNo Drift
Sensitivity< 15% of measured value / year
Calibration GasHydrogen Fluoride (HF)
Challenge Gas (Bump Test)Chlorine (CL2)
Warm Up Time< 60 minutes
Storage Temperature+5°C to +25°C (+41°F to +77°F)
Other Detectable GasesThe following additional gases can be detected with this sensor cartridge. Sensor performance and characteristics will be representative of the data as tabulated above. Consult the Technical Manual to set up the Midas transmitter with the designated identification code for each of the following gas types.
Detectable GasChemical FormulaMeasuring Range
DifluoromethaneCH2F20 – 120 ppm
OctofluorocylcopenteneC5F80 – 40 ppm
Cross Sensitivities

Each Midas sensor is potentially cross sensitive to other gases and this may cause a gas reading when exposed to other gases than those originally designated. The table below presents typical readings that will be observed when a new sensor cartridge is exposed to the cross sensitive gas (or a mixture of gases containing the cross sensitive species).
Gas / VaporChemical FormulaConcentration applied (ppm)Reading (ppm C4F6)
Carbon MonoxideCO2,0000
Hydrogen ChlorideHCl22.8
Hydrogen FluorideHF23.1
Hydrogen SulfideH2S1-0.6
Nitrogen DioxideNO2102
Nitrogen TrifluorideNF3104.7
Sulfur DioxideSO25.75
Hydrofluorocarbon, PerfluorocarbonHFC / PFCYes

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