Honeywell MIDAS Sensor Cartridge for Hydrogen (H2) 90-1000 ppm



Honeywell MIDAS Sensor Cartridge for Hydrogen (H2) 90-1000 ppm

Several Honeywell MIDAS® cartridges can be configured to read a number of different gases based on a common chemical family. Actual details for the sensor detection range are included in the sensor cartridge specification sheet and the MIDAS® technical manual. MIDAS® sensor cartridges can be ordered as part of a Kit with the universal MIDAS® transmitter, or as a replacement part. The detectable range is listed. With the exception of O2 (where ambient concentration is typically 20.9%), the sensors will display zero when no gas is present. All Cartridges with the format MIDAS-E-XXX are supplied with a 2 year (24 month) warranty.
Gas MeasuredHydrogen (H2)
Cartridge Part NumberMIDAS-E-H2X2 year extended warranty
Sensor Technology3 electrode electrochemical cell
Measuring Range (ppm)H20 – 1000 ppm
Minimum Alarm 1 Set Point120 ppm
Repeatability< ± 5% of measured value
Linearity< ± 5% of measured value
Response Time t62.5< 50 seconds
Sensor Cartridge Life Expectancy≥ 24 months under typical application conditions
Operating Temperature0°C to +40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Effect of Temperature< ± 0.17 ppm / °C (0°C to 20°C)
Zero< ± 0.07 ppm / °C (20°C to 40°C )
Sensitivity< ± 3% of measured value / °C
Operating Humidity (continuous)10 – 90% rH
Effect of HumidityZeroNo effect
SensitivityNo effect
Operating Pressure90 – 110kPa
Effect of PositionNo effect in typical application
Long Term DriftZeroNo Drift
Sensitivity< ± 10% of measured value / 6 months
Calibration GasHydrogen (H2)
Challenge Gas (Bump Test)Hydrogen (H2)
Warm Up Time< 10 minutes
Storage Temperature+5°C to +25°C (+41°F to +77°F)
Cross Sensitivities

Each Midas sensor is potentially cross sensitive to other gases and this may cause a gas reading when exposed to other gases than those originally designated. The table below presents typical readings that will be observed when a new sensor cartridge is exposed to the cross sensitive gas (or a mixture of gases containing the cross sensitive species).
Gas / VaporChemical FormulaConcentration Applied (ppm)Reading (ppm H2)
Carbon DioxideCO210000
Carbon MonoxideCO100150
Chlorine DioxideClO210
Hydrogen CyanideHCN200
Hydrogen SulfideH2S204
Iso PropanolC3H7OH1100Yes
Nitrogen DioxideNO210-40
Sulfur DioxideSO250

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