Industrial Scientific MX6 iBrid DSX Cloud-connected



Industrial Scientific DSX Docking Station

The Industrial Scientific DSX Docking Station easily maintains your gas detectors. The DSX is the industry’s only docking station that can transition from a standalone gas detector maintenance station (standalone mode), to a feature-rich fleet management system accessible from any mobile browser or web-enabled PC (cloud-connected mode). The DSX provides you the flexibility to upgrade a DSX Standalone to a DSXi Cloud-connected station at any time with the use of an in-field activation key (p/n 18109406). Whether you manage one gas monitor or an entire fleet, the DSX provides superior cost-savings and flexibility.
DSX Docking Station Kits Include:
  • Choice of Standalone or Cloud-connected 3-port DSX docking station
  • 116L calibration gas (appropriate mix) with demand flow regulator with iGas® pressure switch
  • USB storage device (Standalone only)
WARRANTYTwo-year warranty – DSX (Standalone) and DSX-L (Local Server)
Guaranteed For Life™ Program** – DSXi (Cloud-connected)
INSTRUMENTS SUPPORTEDVentis MX4, Ventis Pro Series, MX6 iBrid, Tango TX1, GasBadge Pro, SafeCore
DIMENSIONSGasBadge Pro, Tango TX1: 22.7 x 16.9 x 27.3 cm (8.92 x 6.65 x 10.75 in)
Ventis MX4, Ventis Pro Series: 24.9 x 16.9 x 27.3 cm (9.83 x 6.65 x 10.75 in)
MX6 iBrid: 25.3 x 16.9 x 27.3 cm (9.96 x 6.65 x 10.75 in)
SafeCore: 27.3 x 16.9 x 29.2 cm (10.75 x 6.65 x 11.5 in)
GAS INLETS3-Port Version: One ”fresh” air port, two calibration gas ports
6-Port Version: One ”fresh” air port, five calibration gas ports (for Ventis, MX6 iBrid, and SafeCore only)
PUMP FLOW RATE:1.2 SCFH (550 mL/min)
COMMUNICATION:10/100 Ethernet support, RJ-45 Category 5 Connection
DISPLAY128 x 64 Dot Matrix LCD – Multilingual modes
English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese
OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE0 ºC to 50 ºC / 32 ºF to 122 ºF
OPERATING HUMIDITY RANGE0% to 80% relative humidity (RH) up to 30 ºC (86 ºF), decreasing linearly to 50% RH at 50 ºC (122 ºF)
Frequency range: 50-60 Hz / Current rating: 5A

Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 9.96 × 6.65 × 10.75 in