Promobot Thermocontrol +



How Thermocontrol works

A user comes to the station
Audio and visual instructions help them to prepare for the measurement
In 5 seconds, the result is displayed on the screen
The entry is stored in the database, including the user's face and full name (if provided)
A staff member is notified if the user’s temperature is too high

Areas of application

Schools and universities

Industrial facilities

Office buildings

Malls and business centers

Train stations and airports

Hospitals and clinics


Public establishment

Public places


Quick body temperature scans

No human interaction during the screening with lower risk and error rates

A 'right out the box' solution which works immediately without additional calibration

Reduced labor costs

Minimum Dimensions - 1260х930х550 (HLW)mm

Maximum Dimensions - 1840х930х550 (HLW)mm

Weight - 55kg/125lb

Display size - 21.5”

Speaker power - 10w

Touchscreen - Available

Integration with third-party software - Available

Measurement accuracy - +-0,2°C

Measurement range - Within 30сm/1ft

Operating temperature - Within 18-40°C

Power outlet - 110/220v, 50-60Hz

Operator setup requirements: any OS compatible with the following web browsers:
  • Google Chrome (version 56 and up)
  • Opera (version 12 and up)
  • Firefox (version 4 and up)
  • Microsoft EDGE (version 10 and up)

Package - Soft

Documentation - User manual

Package contents:
  • Promobot Thermocontrol station;
  • Power cable;
  • Tools and mounting bolts

For stable operation, dedicated Wi-Fi/Ethernet connection is required, with the speed of 4 mb/sec or higher; Ping parameter should not exceed 50 ms.

Additional information

Weight 125 lbs