SP-220 gas leak checker, type SC for super toxics


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SP-220 72-0064-05

The new RKI SP-220 Gas Leak Detector allows fast and reliable gas detection from a single instrument with a single sensor. Depending on the SP-220 model, you can detect up to 40 target gases including fumigants, toxics, freons, and combustible gases. Simply select a target gas and the RKI SP-220 will automatically adjust to factory or user set target points for that specific gas, keeping setup to a minimum. Response time is around 10 seconds, and the SP-220 will detect concentrations as low as 0.1 ppm. The backlit LCD screen displays the currently selected gas, the gas concentration both numerically and through a bar graph, and the status of the pump, battery, pilot, and sound. The RKI SP-220 Gas Leak Checker alerts to high levels (factory or user-set) through both on screen and audible alarms. These can be user-customized as needed. Up to 256 data points can be stored to memory, including automatic storage of the highest measured reading. The Peak Hold function will constantly show the peak value of the current test period. A calibration kit is offered for the RKI SP-220 which enables easy field calibration of the PH3 (phosphine) sensor. Protection is provided by the included rubber over-molded case, rated for ingress to IP55 as water-resistant and dust-proof. Two AA alkaline batteries will power the SP-220 for up to 12 hours, and a built-in LED provides light for dark work areas. Weighing just 7.5 ounces, the SP-220 is easily carried or mounted to clothing for continuous monitoring. The RKI Riken SP-220 is offered in four varieties depending on the gases to be targeted.
  • Over 40 target gases available
  • Sensitivity and gas range automatically change based on selected target gas
  • Weighs only 7.5 ounces
  • Resistant to silicone poisoning
  • Silence gas alarms for discrete leak checking
  • Snap logging records and saves to up to 128 readings
  • Built-in LED lighting for dark and confined spaces
  • IP 55, SP 220
  • 12 hours operation
Models- SP-220 TYPE FUM (Fumigation)
- SP-220 TYPE SC (Toxic, Combustible, CFC)
Target gasRefer to the gas list (in SP-220 Datasheet)
Detection principleHot-wire semiconductor method (MOS)
Measuring rangeDepends on target gas
AccuracyDisplays 0.1 ppm-bar when 0.3 ppm PH3 applied.
Alarm set pointDepends on target gas
Alarm patternGas alarm : Gas concentration reached or over the setting point.
Trouble alarm: Sensor connection / breaking, Low battery, Low flow Circuit error, Calibration error
Alarm methodNon-latching
Display of alarmGas alarm: Flashing LED, Buzzer
Trouble alarm: Flashing LED, Buzzer, Display of error message
Sampling methodSample draw
Response time10 sec.: Time to reach 0.1 ppm when 0.3 ppm PH3 applied.
Output signalIrDA
Control buttons[AIR] [MODE] [POWER]
Display deviceLCD
Display contentsGas name, Gas concentration, Time, Battery, Pilot indicator, Pump display indicator, Sound
Power source2 AA Alkaline batteries
Continuous operationGreater than 12 hours
Operating temp. & humidity-20~+55°C (-4°F~+131°F), 0~95% RH (Non-condensing)
Dimension & weight7.87”(H) x 1.69”(D) x 1.85”(W) (Tapered nozzle not included), 7.5oz
Ingress ratingIP-55
FunctionManual LCD backlight (Automatically ON when alarming), Peak value, Snap logging, Time, Cal alarm
Standard accessoriesHand strap, Rubber cover, Tapered nozzle

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Weight 0.47 lbs
Dimensions 1.69 × 1.85 × 7.87 in