Spare Parts

Part NumberDescription
07-6031Gasket for battery compartment cover on 03 series
07-6032Gasket between front and rear case of 03 series
07-6033Sensor gasket for 03 series
07-6034Rubber sheet around buzzer on main board of 03 series
10-1105-01Screw, M 2 x 8 mm, pan head phillips, with washer, SUSXM7, for 03 series
13-0112RKWrist strap
13-0121Alligator Clip for 03 series (requires 13-0204RK for installation)
13-0122Belt Clip for 03 series
13-0204RKSpring bar with outer tube for 03 Series and wrist band of GasWatch 2/GasWatch 3
13-1116Screw for battery compartment cover of 03 series
15-0500Battery contact short for 03 series
15-0501Battery contact piece (-) for 03 series
15-0502Battery contact piece (+) for 03 series
20-0325Rubber boot for 03 series
21-1908Battery compartment cover for 03 series
21-1909Battery contact holder for 03 series
21-1910Rear case for GP-03 and OX-03
21-1911Rear case for CO-03 and HS-03
21-1912Front case for 03 series
21-1913Front case assembly for 03 series
29-0652Label, front for GP-03
29-0653Label, front for OX-03
29-0654Label, front for CO-03
29-0655Label, front for HS-03
29-6100Water immersion sensing seal, adhesive backed for 03 series, GX-6000, and SP-220
30-1055Vibration motor for 03 series
33-0175Hydrophobic filter, PF020 for 03 series/RP-2009/GasWatch 3
33-7106RKCharcoal filter disk for CO sensor, strip of 5, for CO-03, GasWatch 2, GasWatch 3
49-1110RKBattery, alkaline, AAA
49-1312Battery, Ni-MH, AAA, Eneloop by Panasonic
51-1130LCD Module for 03 series
57-1282Main PC board assembly, GP-03
57-1283Main PC board assembly, OX-03
57-1284Main PC board assembly, CO-03
57-1285Main PC board assembly, HS-03
81-1146Calibration adapter for 03 series
81-1146-01Calibration adapter for 03 Series with velcro strap and 1 ft tube on inlet
ES-1821Sensor, Carbon Monoxide (CO) for GX-2009/GX-2012/GX-6000/CO-03/GasWatch 2/Gas Tracer
ES-1827ISensor, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) for GX-2009/GX-2012/GX-6000/HS-03/GasWatch 2
NC-6264ASensor, LEL, for GX-2009/GX-2012/GX-6000/GP-03/Gas Tracer
OS-BM2Sensor, Oxygen (O2) for GX-2009/GX-2012/GX-6000/GasWatch 2/OX-03/Gas Tracer
OS-BM2-05Sensor, Oxygen (O2) for GX-2009/GX-2012/GX-6000/GasWatch 2/OX-03/Gas Tracer (pack of 5)