Spare Parts

Item TypePart NumberDescription
Maintenance07-6035O-ring, rubber exhaust sealing for GX-6000
Maintenance07-6036Gasket for top cover, black rubber for GX-6000
Repair07-6037Sealing joint for pump exhaust port, black EPDM, GX-6000
Maintenance07-6038Gasket for cover, black rubber for GX-6000
Repair07-6039Rubber joint for pressure sensor, black for GX-6000
Maintenance07-6040Gasket for sensor chamber (sensor cover), black rubber for GX-6000
Repair07-6041Sensor gasket, fluorine rubber, for GX-6000
Maintenance07-6042Gasket for BUD-6000, EPDM black, for GX-6000
Repair07-6043Gasket for pump, black rubber for GX-6000
Repair10-1093RKScrew M2 x 6 SUS304
Repair13-0112RKWrist strap
Repair13-0123Belt clip with installation screws for GX-6000
Repair17-1031Tapered nozzle, rubber, red, for GX-6000 inlet
Repair20-0326Rubber protective boot for GX-6000, black
Repair21-1833RKFilter holder, clear plastic, GX-2003
Maintenance21-1926LCD protection film for instrument display for GX-6000, GP-1000, & NC-1000
Maintenance21-1926-01LCD protection film for instrument display, pack of 5 for GX-6000, GP-1000, & NC-1000
Repair21-1928Case assy, front, GX-6000
Repair21-1929Protection case, L1225L, black, for GX-6000
Repair21-1931Sensor flow chamber (sensor cover) assembly for GX-6000
Repair21-1933Body case assembly for GX-6000
Repair29-6100Water immersion sensing seal, adhesive backed for 03 series, GX-6000, and SP-220
Maintenance30-0022RKPump replacement for GX-2012 and RP-2009, with cable and connector
Repair30-1054RKVibration motor for the GX-2009 and GX-6000
Maintenance33-0159RKTeflon filter disc, 10 pieces, RP-2009/RP-6/GX-2003/GX-2012/Gas Tracer/GX-6000
Maintenance33-1112RKWire mesh disk filter, RP-6 / GX-2003 / GX-2012, 10 pack
Maintenance33-7102RKFilter, charcoal, for CO sensor, pack of 5, GX-2009/GX-2012/Gas Tracer/GX-6000
Maintenance33-7114RKFilter disk, H2S scrubber, strip of 5, for LEL sensor port
Maintenance33-7114RK-100Filter disk, H2S scrubber, 100 pack, for LEL sensor port
Repair47-4001Cable with connectors, main PCB to sensor PCB, for GX-6000
Repair49-1050RKBattery, memory backup, silver oxide, SR 616, 1.55 volts
Maintenance49-1120RKSize AA alkaline battery
Repair49-1620Battery pack, alkaline, BUD-6000 for GX-6000
Repair51-1139LCD module, BTD-128160B-FBWB-G-G, for GX-6000
Repair57-1286Main PCB assembly for GX-6000
MaintenanceDES-3311-1Sensor, IR, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 0 – 5% for GX-6000
MaintenanceDES-3311-2Sensor, IR, Hydrocarbons (HC) 0 – 100% LEL / 0 – 30% volume auto range for GX-6000
MaintenanceDES-3311-4Sensor, IR, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 0 – 10,000 ppm for GX-6000
MaintenanceES-1821Sensor, Carbon Monoxide (CO) for GX-2009/GX-2012/GX-6000/CO-03/GasWatch 2/Gas Tracer
MaintenanceES-1827iSensor, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) for GX-2009/GX-2012/GX-6000/HS-03/GasWatch 2
MaintenanceESS-03DH-HCNSensor, Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) 0 – 15 ppm for GX-6000
MaintenanceESS-03DH-NO2Sensor, Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), 0-9 ppm for GX-6000
MaintenanceESS-03DH-SO2Sensor, Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) 0 – 6 ppm for GX-6000
MaintenanceESS-B332-NH3Sensor, Ammonia (NH3), 0-400 ppm for GX-6000
MaintenanceESS-B335-CL2Sensor, Chlorine (Cl2), 0-10 ppm for GX-6000
MaintenanceNC-6264ASensor, LEL, for GX-2009/GX-2012/GX-6000/GP-03/Gas Tracer
MaintenanceNC-6264AZXSensor, LEL, silicone resistant, for GX-2009/GX-2012/GX-6000/GX-2001/GX-2003/Gas Tracer/GP-01
MaintenanceOS-BM2Sensor, Oxygen (O2) for GX-2009/GX-2012/GX-6000/GasWatch 2/OX-03/Gas Tracer
MaintenanceOS-BM2-05Sensor, Oxygen (O2) for GX-2009/GX-2012/GX-6000/GasWatch 2/OX-03/Gas Tracer (pack of 5)
MaintenancePID-001LSensor, PID, 10.6 eV lamp, VOC 0-50 ppm for GX-6000
MaintenancePID-002LSensor, PID, 10.6 eV lamp, VOC 0-6,000 ppm for GX-6000