EVM-7 Regular

The EVM Series Particulate Mass Concentration and Air Quality Monitors simultaneously measure particulates and gas concentration in real-time. The EVM-7 measures both particulates and air quality, and provides a lower cost of ownership by combining three instruments into one. *Includes base model with PID (ppm) Sensor, CO2 Sensor, one Dummy Sensor (used to seal socket when no sensor is present), two 37mm Gravimetric Filter Cassettes (for pump protection; one in unit and one spare), 053-263 12V DC Universal Input Power Supply, 053-575 USB Cable, 100-456 Silicone Dielectric Grease for Impactors, 074-090 10 pack Pump Protection Filters, 074-720 Dust Zero Calibration Filter Assembly, 074-726 Toxic Calibration Adapter and 074-718 Storage Case.*
  • Particulate, gas and photoionization detector (PID) measurement from a single device
  • Less equipment to carry to job site; compact, user-friendly design
  • 90-degree light scattering laser photometer measures particulates in real-time
  • Proprietary technology for selecting particulate settings; no need for external cyclones
  • Built in sampling pump allows for gravimetric analysis
  • Large, easy-to-read display with trend graphing for measurements
  • Time history data logging and compatibility with Detection Management Software makes analysis efficient
EVM Monitor TypesParticulate Monitor (no indoor air quality monitor)Indoor Air Quality Monitor (no particulates)Indoor Air Quality/Particulate Monitor (eliminates the need for separate meters)
Relative Humidity+++
Air Velocity (With Purchase of Optional Accessory)+++
Particulates (Mass Concentration)++
Toxic Gas (Choose from 9 Sensors)++
Carbon Dioxide++
Select Volatile Organic Compounds+