FI-8000 for fumigation, pump type with alkaline batteries, 48 mm chamber length, specify gas and range


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The FI-8000 is an optical interferometer which is used for measuring gas concentration or calorie of flammable gases in hazardous location. It has two different suction styles, one is manual aspirating with squeezing a rubber bulb and other is automatic suction by an internal micro pump. The battery can be selected either Li-ion battery or alkaline dry battery. Li-ion battery unit is called BUL-8000(F), BUL-8000(F1) and alkaline dry battery unit is called BUD-8000(F). The battery unit structured in a way, that even the end user is possible to replace it.
Measuring principleOptical interferometric type
Reading accuracyDepending on the measuring gas.
Sampling method Automatic draw-in by built-in pump Manual draw-in by handy aspirator
Self-diagnosis functionLow battery voltage, low UV intensity, low contrast, abnormal pressure, abnormal temperature
DisplayLCD digital display (7-segment numeric display + symbol + 20-segment character display x 2 lines)
DisplaysGas concentration, gas name, measuring rage, battery level
External outputIrDA (for data logger)
FunctionsData logger, pressure correction, temperature correction
Power supplyAlkaline battery unit (AA alkaline dry battery x 3)【BUD-8000(F)】 (standard) or lithium ion battery unit 【BUL-8000(F), BUL-8000(F1)】(option)
Continuous operating time
BUD-8000(F)12 hours or more (25ºC, no alarm, and no lighting)
16 hours or more (25ºC, no alarm, and no lighting)
BUL-8000(F), BUL-8000(F1)18 hours or more (25ºC, no alarm, no lighting, and battery fully charged)
24 hours or more (25ºC, no alarm, no lighting, and battery fully charged)
Use temperature/ humidity rangeTemperature range: -20 - +50ºC (at a constant condition), humidity range: Below 95% RH (Non-condensing)
Protection classCompliant with IP67
Explosion-proof structureIntrinsically safe explosion-proof structure
Explosion-proof classEx ia IIC T4 Ga (ATEX/IECEx), Ex ia llC T4(TIIS)
External dimensionsApprox. 154 (W) x 127 (H) x 81 (D) (mm)
WeightApprox. 1.1 kg (BUD-8000(F) included)
Approx. 1.2 kg (BUL-8000(F) or BUL-8000(F1) included)

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Weight 2.43 lbs
Dimensions 3.19 × 6.06 × 5 in