Double Masking Effectively

With COVID-19 vaccines developed and distribution beginning slowly, it is easy to see the light at the tunnel’s end. However, now more than ever is a time to remain vigilant and protect yourself against the spread of COVID-19. New strains of the virus are being reported worldwide, with some considered more contagious and even more deadly than previous strains. The efficacy of face masks in preventing COVID spread has already been proven many times over. Taking the extra step in wearing two face masks or double masking effectively could enhance protection even more. If there are more barriers between your face, nose, and mouth and outside contaminants, there is a less likely chance that these contaminants can invade and expose you to the virus.

double mask

There are several ways to ensure these barriers remain as protective and comfortable as possible, including double masking effectively. An N95 mask is the best first barrier on the market, offering the most rigorous filtering capacity one can get. If you do not have access to an N95 mask, a KN95 mask provides nearly the same protection when worn correctly. The importance of putting this rigid layer on first as opposed to a surgical mask or cloth mask is paramount, as it is the last line of defense against any droplets that a second mask may not catch. When putting on more than one mask, also ensure that you can breathe as you normally would. Wearing double face masks reduces the possibility of contaminants can cause more problems instead of solving them. Who wants to wear a mask combination that always makes them feel like they are about to pass out? When deciding on your combination, make sure that the masks you are wearing are not only practical but are made of materials and fabrics that do not hinder your ability to use them comfortably. Avoid masks made of materials like vinyl and those containing valves or vents, as masks made with these materials go against the intended purpose.

Bomark currently has several different personal protective equipment in stock, including N95, KN95, and Surgical Face Masks. Continue to be responsible by wearing a face covering (or two) where applicable, and together, we will get through this.